Schools We've Helped

Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation's

2017-2018 School Schedule

August, 2017

  • 8/07- Alhambra (Staff Training)
  • 8/07 - Corona Charter High School (Staff Training)
  • 8/10 - BrightStar Schools (Staff Training)
  • 8/11 - San Jose Charter School (Staff Training)
  • 8/14 - KEYS/Springs Charter Schools (Staff Training)
  • 8/17 - SET High School (Staff Training)
  • 8/21 - BrightStar (4-student assembly + curriculum)
  • 8/21 - BrightStar (Parents Night)
  • 8/23 - Juan Bautista de Anza Charter School (Staff Training)
  • 8/24 - Mission Bay High School (Staff Training)
  • 8/29 - Palmdale Aerospace Academy (Staff Training)

September, 2017

  • 9/1 Rise Kohyang High School (Student assembly & curriculum)
  • 9/1 Rise Kohyang High School (Parents Night)
  • 9/05 Natomas Charter (Staff)
  • 9/08 SCVI Charter (staff training)
  • 9/12 Math and Science College Prep (student assembly)
  • 9/9 Alhambra Saturday School
  • 9/13 BHHS Seek Support Day
  • 9/14 Rolling Hills Prep (student + Curriculum)
  • 9/18 Benedictine High School (student + curriculum)
  • 9/19 Forest Hills High School (student + curriculum)
  • 9/20 Beverly Vista (staff training)
  • 9/20 America's Finest Charter (HS staff)
  • 9/25-26 Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition (High School, Community Event, Curriculum for Local Hospital/Healthcare Workers)
  • 9/28 BHUSD Pressures of perfection

October, 2017

  • 10/2 Mission Bay High School (staff training)
  • 10/05 America's Finest Charter (staff K-8)
  • 10/11 Viewpoint (student assembly) R
  • 10/12 Viewpoint (parents night) R
  • 10/17 Lowell HS (student + curriculum)
  • 10/20 America's Finest Charter (staff 9-12)

November, 2017

  • 11/01 Beverly Vista (6-8 Anti Bullying)
  • 11/03 Archer (8th Grade Assembly) R
  • 11/03 Willits Charter (staff training)
  • 11/08 America's Finest Charter (staff training for HS staff)
  • 11/09 Solomon Plains Jr HS student assembly (Pennsylvania)
  • 11/14 Wilkes Barre Middle School (students + curriculum)
  • 11/21 Plumas Charter (staff training)
  • 11/27 Stony Point Academy (Staff training)
  • 11/29 Archer (10th Grade Assembly) R

December, 2017

  • 12/06 Chico Country Day (staff training)
  • 12/08 SCVi middle school (assemblies/breakouts)
  • 12/13 Farmington Middle School (MO) (parent night, 4 student assemblies, staff training)

January, 2018

  • 1/04 Public Safety Academy (staff training)
  • 1/09 Rolling Hills Prep (student assemblies)
  • 1/17 Beverly Vista parent night and bullying assembly for students (2 engagements)
  • 1/31 Rise Middle School (Bright Star school) (student assembly)

Our Program Beginning: 2015-2016 School Year

MSMF-funded suicide prevention and mental health programs for schools began in 2015. Despite the uncomfortable topic which some schools at first resisted, that year was monumental for Matt’s Foundation and for suicide prevention in the Los Angeles area high schools. Over the span of 6 weeks, we worked with Active Minds to bring nationally recognized young adult mental health speakers to Los Angeles. 

The speakers held partial and full-school assemblies and the reactions from both students and administrators were amazing. In addition to those speakers, we also brought the incredible Send Silence Packing suicide prevention interactive exhibit to our local schools. If you can imagine, we spread 1100 backpacks representing the student lives lost to suicide that year — each one with the child’s personal story —  out on the lawns, football fields, and common areas of High Schools. The traveling exhibit gives the students a chance to learn more about depression, anxiety, other mental health topics, and ways they can help prevent suicide. Students couldn’t stop talking about the exhibit. In fact, one MSMF supporter later increased his donation ten-fold after hearing his three boys talk for days about the Send Silence Packing exhibit at their school.

Matt’s Foundation then partnered with Human Power Project to fill in the rest of the school year beyond those six weeks. With our partnership, we can help more schools than before, year round. Ross Szabo’s impressive educational school assemblies and curriculum inspired so many schools that between Active Minds and adding Human Power Project, we have more schools requesting our services than we ever could have anticipated!


Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation's

2016-2017 School Schedule

Ross Szabo / Behind Happy Faces:

 Brentwood School

Wildwood School

The Buckley School

The Archer School for Girls

Send Silence Packing /Active Minds:

Pacific Lodge Youth Services

LA Southwest College

Harvard Westlake Upper School

Beverly Hills High School

Temescal Canyon High School

Our Program Beginning: 2016-2017 School Year

Word quickly spread among schools, and as a result, MSMF-funded programs vastly expanded to include middle schools, high schools and colleges in all over Southern California, throughout the state and around the the country.

To accommodate the enormous increase in school requests for MSMF-funded programs, we added Josh Rivedal and his I am Possible Project to our Speakers. Josh also travelled to small communities around the country to help where bullying and teen suicides are an ever-worsening problem.

One significant development: we are receiving more and more student-initiated program requests. We love that! When students support students the world gets better.

2016-2017 School Schedule

Send Silence Packing/Active Minds:

Santiago College

Ramona High School


Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy

Pacific Lodge Youth Services

South Pasadena High School

South Pasadena High School Parents Night

Oak Ridge High School

Burbank High School

Saugus High School

Burbank High School

East Los Angeles College

Los Angeles Southwest College

Dominguez Hills University

Albert Einstein Academy

Ross Szabo / Behind Happy Faces:

Alhambra Unified School District Staff Training

Alhambra Unified School District Parents Night

Alhambra High School

Mark Keppel High School

San Gabriel High School

Rolling Hills Preparatory High School

Rolling Hills Preparatory Middle School

Rolling Hills Preparatory Parents Night

New Roads High School

The Archer School for Girls

The Archer School for Girls Faculty

Harvard-Westlake School

Ross Szabo Curriculum:

University High School

Pasadena Poly

Alhambra High School

Mark Keppel High School

San Gabriel High School

The Archer School for Girls

Francis Parker School San Diego

New Roads School

George Manson School

Marlborough School

Lafayette High School

Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation's

2016-2017 School Schedule

  • Wednesday, October 21-Pacific Lodge Youth Services (Jordan Burnham)
  • Monday, November 2-LA Southwest College (Jordan Burnham)
  • Wednesday, November 4-Harvard Westlake (ALL)
  • Friday, November 6-Beverly Hills High (ALL)
  • Monday, November 9-Temescal Canyon (ALL)
  • Tuesday, November 24-Brentwood (Ross)-Entire School
  • Thursday, February 25-Wildwood (Ross)-11,12 cir 9
  • Thursday, May 5-Buckley (Ross)-9th grade
  • Tuesday, May 10- Archer (Ross)-8,9,10,11
  • Christian Oaks, Milken-Speaker TBD Spring 2016