About Matthew

Matthew was an extraordinary young man in so many ways: an excellent student; an amazing athlete; a sophisticated entrepreneur; a budding musician; an accomplished computer programmer; and a genuinely loyal friend. He was a perfect son as well. Always well behaved and unfailingly responsible, Matt never had a drink or an illegal drug.

Matt was kind, empathetic, and generous with implacable integrity. He had a wry, good sense of humor, but would never offend or insult anyone.

In his brief 18 years, Matt’s accomplishments were impressive. He had created two online businesses.  He had become an accomplished computer scientist. He was becoming a very good rock drummer. And he was named “Captain” of his high school track team. Calculus and physics were courses where he excelled, and he regularly tutored friends who struggled in these subjects.  Although these subjects came easy to him, he always showed unfailing patience with friends who he helped.

Matt was very shy, never wanting to be the center of attention. Always showing appropriate restraint, he lacked the false bravado so many young men affect to shield insecurity. He was truly loved and respected by all who knew him, and had a lasting positive impact on his family and friends. Everyone who knew him, and even those who did not have that pleasure, regularly comment on how strongly they were influenced by him.